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About Fast2290.com

Fast2290.com is an online tax preparation and filing site which enables tax payers to file their own excise tax returns electronically in a fast and easy manner.

The purpose of Fast2290.com is to simplify the process of filing excise taxes by providing removing all the confusing calculations as well as to shorten the time it takes to receive an electronic copy of your tax return.

We offer a secure way to file your Federal Excise Tax Return using our web-based tax preparation software.

While it is possible to file your 2290 taxes without a service charge by downloading the 2290 forms from the IRS, Fast2290 expedites the process, ensures the accuracy of the filing and submits the filing electonically, saving you time and headaches.

Don't stress out this season. File your taxes with Fast2290.com, get your Stamped Schedule 1 and then 'Hit the Road'.